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1:1 Mentoring In Energy Management



What is it


'The ability to confidently manage our daily energetic interactions with other people, places or beings'.


Energy Management is the implementation of a range of simple techniques in our daily lives to help us manage our energetic interactions with other people, places or external energies, so that we remain healthy, well and unaffected by their energies. For those of us who are intuitive, empathetic and or energetically sensitive, our ability to sense the energy of other people, places and external energies can be so strong it can feel overwhelming. In some cases, where we have experienced profound trauma related to so-called 'paranormal' activity, the effects can be devastating. Energy Management is the ability to develop practical daily activities that help us regain our sense of feeling safe, protected, connected and energised. For those of us who have been significantly affected by the discordant energy of other people, places and energies, our experiences feel - and often are - traumatic and unique. So, it is important that in 1:1 mentoring, the Energy Management support offered is tailored to your personal needs, experiences, intuitive abilities and energy management challenges.


Who might benefit from it?


Since we are all energetic beings inside a physical body, almost everyone would benefit from this type of 1:1 mentoring, but in particular, those who are: therapists; healthcare professionals; working in a caring or end of life role; intuitives; sensitives; healers; empaths or spiritual or religious practitioners. This life skill is especially important for energetically 'sensitive' people, people who can feel, hear or see the negative energy of others - and are or can be adversely affected by it. As healers who work with energy all the time, we rarely feel equipped with the understanding or appropriate effective techniques, to help us remain energetically clear and protected when we work with clients, especially where they are affected by discordant energies.


In our own work as therapists, we often tune into people's energy (but only ever when permission is granted) to see what is going on in their energy to 'diagnose' their energy management issues. However, where a client is interested in exploring their own energy field real time, we use a real-time Aura Video Reading device to gently guide people through their own energy and highlight any external people or energies that are adversely influencing their energy. This is an incredibly powerful, transformational device for clients. For example, I remember gently guiding a client to a dark patch in their aura with a particular shape that indicated she was under psychic attack (this made sense to her). But right next to that area in her aura was a bright patch of white light - her Guardian Angel! Indeed, you often find that next to an discordant energy in our aura is white light. In her case, she had never asked for the Guardian Angel to be present, but it was there non the less!


Having read or seen over a 1,000 energy fields or auras of clients over the last 10 years with this device (see a sample live aura video reading), we estimate that only 5% of empathetic, sensitive or intuitive people have effective energy management practices in place! Even those of us who are often seen to be so-called 'experts' on the topic of energy can really struggle to translate that knowledge into practical personal energy management routines that keep us clear in our daily lives. Part of this is down to our knowledge gap about what and who we truly are ; multidimensional spiritual beings in a human body; part of it is down to our lack of detailed understanding of the range of external energies that can affect us (10-20); part of it is down to our limited comprehension of the exact mechanism through which such energies can affect us (our PEEMS, Chakras and Physical Organs).

Yet, with practise and appropriate techniques, it can take as little as 5 minutes twice a day, to effectively and robustly protect, clear and manage our own energy and the affect on inner energy levels and well-being can be dramatic.


How does it work?

The first step is in working with a client is to check the client is energetically clear and if not, to work with Spiritual helpers of the Light to clear them as far is as possible. See for example, Spirit Release, Space Clearing and Clearing Psychic Attack and Curses. A critical second step in Energy Management is supporting a client to connect or re-connect to spiritual helpers of the Light so they may seek regular clearing and protection from them. As a prelude to this second step, we use the detailed 80-question TOH Energy Management and Spiritual Connection Questionnaire to gauge their ability to energetically self-care or manage their own energy and connect up to Spiritual Helpers for support. This enables us to offer rapid, tailor-made and effective support to a client to help them develop their own skills to tackle their own unique energy management needs as fast as is reasonably possible. This is the Holy Grail for all therapists - to help clients develop appropriate skills to support themselves, so they no longer need to turn to others for help. Often, after only a couple of 1:1 Energy Management Support sessions the client notices a difference - often significant as they start embedding a daily energy management practice into their daily life. If you would like an objective appraisal of your own Energy Management skills, please don't hesitate to get in touch to request the questionnaire.


There are 6 steps in establishing effective energy management skills into our daily life:


1. Identify when external energy is adversely affecting us;

2. Identify the type of energy that is affecting us;

3. Decide on an appropriate technique to get clear;

4. Connect to a spiritual helper of the Light;

5. Clear the discordant energy from our own energy;

6. Place powerful and effective protection around us;


In perhaps 95% of cases, these techniques are powerful and effective.

What are the benefits?

Those who most need and benefit fom this type of mentoring are those who have had difficult or traumatic experiences with the 'paranormal' or with negative or dark people or energies. This includes those who have been on the receiving end of Psychic Attack, Curses or Spirit attachment or more rarely, Spirit possession.


Bearing this in mind, there are a number of potential benefits that may arise once we learn to successfully manage and protect our energy on a day to day basis, though the benefits we expereince can vary from person to person:


1. We generally feel more energised;

2. Others no longer drain us;

3. We feel calmer and more positive;

4. Historic issues of traumatic paranormal incidents ease off or stop altogether;

5. Our well-being improves;

6. Our intuition increases significantly;

7. We are no longer adversely affected by the energy of others;

8. We can more easily find our 'true self' and peace within;

9. Our relationships and self-awareness improve;

10. We have stronger boundaries;

11. We feel stronger and more confident within;

12. We can better manage our empathy and intuition;

13. We deepen our connection with powerful Spiritual Helpers;

14. We can more effectively be of service to others;

15. If we are a therapist, healer or spiritual practitioner and unclear, our own energy no longer affects clients;

16. Others can no longer 'dump' their stuff on us;

17. Any Psychic Vampire-like relationships will improve;

18. It becomes easier to manage our own thoughts, feelings and emotions;

19. Our own energy is higher vibration and manifesting our dreams is easier and faster;

20. We can effectively place protection around ourselves, our house, business, clients or family (where permission granted);

21. We feel more confident and comfortable in connecting up to Spiritual Helpers;

22. We are able to more reliably receive guidance and support;

23. We are able to bring healing to ourselves via regular 'deep cleaning' of our Aura, Chakras and Physical organs;


What we may cover in a 1:1 mentoring session


Energy Management is a vast topic because by its nature it relates to energy - the natural foundation stone or blue print of everything that exists in the known and unknown universe - including ourselves! Most of us - including intuitives, empaths, psychics, healers or mediums - know very little indeed about this subject, even if we consciously work with energy all the time! Every physical object in existence co-exists with an energetic double, whether it is made by man or the universe. There are an infinite variety of energies or conscious beings spread across all dimensions. However, apart from other people, most of us interact with only a handful of the 20-40 more common types of energy existing on earth. Many of them are non-physical in form and existing in the non physical space that surrounds and intermingles with us (astral realm). Because of this, most of us are unable to see them, unless we are clairvoyant - able to see with our non physical sense or third eye. Almost all of us have a level of clairvoyance or can work to develop this non physical sense over time.


The astral realm is a non-physical dimension or conscious reality that exists next to earth and is constantly affecting our physical world and ourselves via our energy. The lower levels of ithe astral realm are a low vibration domain inhabited by many of the more difficult energies that can cause us energy management problems in our daily life, for example, discordant earth bound spirits. The higher vibration part of the astral realm or the next dimension up, the so-called mental realm, are inhabited by members of our spirit team. Also, many of our deceased loved ones and Spiritual Helpers live in the natural peace, harmony and tranquillity of this later heavenly, high vibration realm.


As humans we experience and operate in life firstly as a spiritual or energetic being and then secondly as a physical being. So how do we operate as energetic beings? Once we understand this, it can be a very significant breakthrough for us in dealing with any discordant energy management challenges we face. Every thought, feeling and emotion we have originates within our own energy or Aura - not within our brain! For example, when we think a thought, our so-called mental and emotional body within our aura (our energetic or non-physical body) instantly creates a ball of energy within our aura made up of an image and a colour. The image tells us what person, object, item or energy we are thinking about and the colour tells us the nature of the emotional relationship with them. Instantly, this energetic thought and feeling within our aura will be transmitted via another layer of our aura – the etheric body - through our brain into our physical body. If we are physically aware, we will instantly ‘see’ an image in our head and experience an emotion in our physical body. All this happens at the speed of light; hence we are rarely aware of how our own consciousness creates a thought, for example, unless we are able to see our own or other people's energy (clairvoyance).


So more relevantly, is it really possible that we as physical beings can be affected by the energy of other people, places and energies? If so, how might this work and practically, what happens energetically when we think of someone else, for example, with unconditional love - and how might that affect them physically? Again, a gentle reminder that most of us are unaware of our interactions at an energetic level because we are so fouced on the physical: we just think the thought and that’s it! Hey Presto! But what is the mechanism fo action of our own energy. Beyond the awareness of most of us, the energy of our thought {a thought form} may propel itself into their energy or aura instantly - whether they are 1 or 10,000 miles away. Perhaps, in addition to the thought, a pink or white Spiderman-like strand of energy (a cord) may emerge from our own heart chakra (our energetic heart) and simultaneously real-time connect to their heart chakra. If they are sensitive to energy, they may notice the thought form as an image in their mind and a sudden feel of love within their body. If they are especially sensitive and aware of their own energy, they may also feel the cord entering their energy and even know who was thinking of them with such love!


Failing to understand who we truly are - spiritual beings in a physical body living in and interacting second by second with a multidimensional universe - means we fail to take responsibility for our own energy. For the most part we are barely aware that there is rarely a moment in time when we are NOT affecting our own energy or that of others - or being affected by own energy or that of other people, places or energies. For a few of us, if the energetic interactions are malign, negative or discordant in nature, this lack of knowledge and understanding can have devastating consequences, especially if we are sensitive and can sense, see and feel this unpleasant ‘stuff’ going on, but know nothing about it. If we are unaware of our true nature, the multidimensional world and the good and bad energies that co-exist around us, where are utterly ill-equipped to deal with discordant energetic interactions.


In these later circumstances, knowledge is power and it takes a lot of the fear out of the experience and empowers us. A lot of what we share with clients during our Energy Management mentoring is, where appropriate, about helping them to understand the energetic mechanism of their difficult or traumatic experiences and then offering them practical and useful self-care techniques to help them effectively shield and protect their own energy from discordant energetic interactions. Sadly, the fear associated with the unknown, with such negative paranormal experiences and the energies behind them, often means we feel anxious, powerless, overwhelmed and disconnected. Usually what accompanies this is a fear or even terror of external energies. The fear associated with the unknown and negative paranormal experiences is often the mechanism through which we feel anxious, powerless, overwhelmed and disconnected. Unfortunately, this can also mean we are reluctance to reach out to the very Powerful Spiritual Helpers who can help us resolve these difficulties! Once clients are mentored to safely and securely connect with these Spiritual Helpers, in most cases, there is a profound reduction in the symptoms and frequency of these unpleasant paranormal experiences/ineractions.


The fact that we are spiritual beings in a physical body also has consequence for us as practitioners. Firstly, as a Healer, we can simultaneously work at any level of a client’s being via their non-physical bodies to help their spiritual, mental, emotional or physical well-being. The multidimensional aspect of us all can also add extra layers of complexity to a case. In a minority of cases, it can involve considerable research across time and non physical dimensions and sometimes direct communication with non physical energies. A professional who is also trained as a Medium can communicate real time - often clairaudiently - across time and realms.  However, as Space Clearing, Spirit Releasing or Psychic Attack and Curse clearing practitioners, cases can be simple or they can be complex. This can depend on a number of factors, depending on what the client's needs are, their soul contracts and past lives, the nature of their own energy and the nature of their present and past relationship with other people, places and external energies.

Fortunately, however, regardless of whether a case is simple or complex, in most cases, connecting to a culturally appropriate Spiritual Helper and then practicing a few simple energy management routines - especially effective energetic protection - can create amazing improvements in client's lives. This is because the ONLY way that another person, space or energy can negatively affect us is through our own energy bodies, chakras and physical organs. Hence, if we place effective energetic protection around these aspects of ourselves, in 95% of cases, the discordant person, place or energy is blocked from affectings us. If the client is prepared to develop the discipline to use these types of techniques on a daily basis, very signifcant improvements can usually be seen within a few Skype sessions.


Some of the areas we might explore in a 1:1 Skype Energy Management session might include the following, though not necessarily in the order below:


What is the exact mechanism through which we are affected by the energy of other people, places or external energies?

What is Sensitivity and why is it important?
What is our energy field and what is being ‘energetically open’?
What is Energy Management and why can it be so challenging?

Why is Energy Management important and how can it help us?
What happens when we don’t manage our own energy?
How do we know if we are not energetically clear?
How do we build confidence in our energy management and clearing
How do we get clear – advanced energy management techniques
How do we know if our personal space is not clear?
What foods & drinks adversely affect our energy or 'open' our energy up?
What spiritual activities adversely affect our energy?
What are the first steps in managing our energy?
How often and frequently do we need to manage our energy?
The role of our spiritual team in Energy Management
Exploring our spiritual senses or ‘clairs’ & raising our vibration

Why is a conscious connection with a Spiritual Helper more effective than prayer?

Overcoming fear about connecting up and learning to trust ourselves
The connection process when connecting to our Spirit Team or other Spiritual Helpers
The important role of the Doorkeeper guide
Why sometimes we struggle to connect to our Spirit Team or Spiritual Helpers?

Exploring and connecting to a range of powerful Spiritual Helpers across cultures and creeds
Types of relationship interactions that can drain our energy
Exploring thoughtforms and how they affect us and clearing them
Top tips on managing our own thoughts, feelings & emotions
How to regularly clear conscious or subconscious thoughts, images or feelings
Exploring discordant cords and the reason for them
Understanding how discordant cords are formed
How discordant cords affect our energy field and chakras
How to regularly and quickly clear discordant cords
Why cord cutting is essential in managing our energy
The effect of external energies on our own energy

Understanding the range of external energies that can adversely affect us
What are earthbound spirits and how can they affect us?
How can we clear earth bound spirits and other discordant energies?

How can we clear other discordant energetic beings?

The importance of protection and grounding

How to place effective protection around us

How to know if our energetic protection is in place and working

Techniques to bring in more powerful protection, day and night

Working with programmes and understanding their power




Please note that energy management of any kind cannot replace medical treatment/advice. Always consult a doctor for medical or mental health concerns and conditions.


We have also designed a range of powerful crystal Energy Management bracelets that complement our Energy Management Mentoring work by helping ensure that we can better manage our sensitivty, reduce our fear and remain heart-centred and calm, limit the likelihood of spirit attachments or psychic vampires, block external negativity from affecting us and releasing our own hurt that can sometimes attract negativity towards us.


Our full range of powerful Energy management bracelets are available on Etsy, including the Connection Enhancer, the Racing Mind Buster, the Frozen Emotion Buster, the Ghost Buster, the Aura Heal & Seal, the Desensitiser, the Fear Buster and the Negative Vibe Buster

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