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Angel Therapy


What is it?

At the heart of Angel Therapy is not only an Angel Reading, where the medium will receive information on what you need to know from the Angels, but also practical guidance on how you can form your own connection with your Angels so that you bring greater harmony, peace and love into your own life. Where appropriate, Angelic Healing may also be offered.

How does it work?

The medium links with the Angels who are around the client, including the client’s personal Guardian Angel or any other Angels who may be present, such as healing, supporting or relationship Angels. The medium will then relay any information that they see, feel, hear or sense concerning the client and how they may connect more strongly with their own Angels. The information will always come through in a loving, inspirational and empowering way and there will also be an opportunity to ask specific questions.

What are the benefits?

An Angel Therapy session is not just an opportunity to receive direct guidance, inspiration and where appropriate healing from your own Angels, it is also an opportunity to begin to build your own connection with your Angels. Once this connection is formed, Angels can help bring their healing energies into our bodies, minds, emotions, relationships, families, career and finances as well as other areas of our life.

Who is it for?

Those who benefit most are interested in getting a spiritual perspective on their

  • Angelic connection
  • challenges
  • life purpose
  • relationships
  • health
  • career


Please note: any guidance given does not in any way take precedence over your free will. You remain in charge of your major decisions, the information given is a spiritual perspective.

Please contact us for Skype availability

£70 for one hour

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