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Jonathon Hope

Since 1989 I have worked as an economist and then a stockbroker first in Hong Kong and then in the City of London – in 2009 I left the City to pursue other interests.

In 1980 I was diagnosed with kidney failure and for the next twenty years spent much of my time trying to manage the vast array of symptoms that comes with living life on a kidney machine.

In 2000 I experienced a transformational Near Death Experience (NDE). From then on I knew that I needed to focus on the mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms of kidney disease not just the physical.

For the last 10 years, this is exactly what I have done and as a result have reconnected with a lightness of being and a state of health that I could not have imagined before my diagnosis, let alone during my illness. I currently have a successful 4th transplant.

Part of this journey took me into the world of complementary therapies, particularly healing, meditation and connecting with my intuitive self and these have been vital stepping stones in helping me truly understand why we experience such illness and how we can overcome all symptoms of disease related suffering.

After the NDE I also started learning about psychic development, mediumship, trance and working with angels and ascended masters.

By drawing on my qualifications and my own experience of transforming a life of mental, emotional and physical suffering into a life full of peace, purpose and meaning, I offer a variety of treatment options to help you rebalance and heal your life.
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