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Intuitive Readings


What is it?

The medium links into their Spirit Guides and brings through information on what it is that you need to know right now. The subject matter will vary according to your needs but can include information on all or any area of your life, including your work, relationships, home life, health, and spiritual development. Whilst some aspects of your future may come up, this is not the main purpose of the reading.

How does it work?

By linking with their Spirit Guides the medium is able to relay appropriate information to you. The information from the guides may come in a variety of ways, for example, the medium may see images or symbols, hear the information, sense or feel it, or have a knowing about the information. The information is then brought to you in a straight forward, practical and sympathetic way. During the session you will have the opportunity to ask direct questions.

What are the benefits?

An Intuitive Reading can give you an independent spiritual perspective on your challenges and difficulties, as well as on the things that may be holding you back. It can also offer you clarity or confirmation that you are on the right path. A reading may help you feel less stuck in a trying or challenging situation or relationship and may help empower you to find ways in which you can help yourself.

Who is it for?

Those looking for:
  • clarity and direction
  • help to move forward with their life
  • ways to realise their potential
  • help towards greater spiritual awareness and development
  • greater empowerment


Please note: the guidance does not in any way take precedence over your free will. You remain in charge of your major decisions, the information given is a spiritual perspective.

Please contact us for Skype availability

£70 for one hour

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