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Aura Imaging


What is it?

For most of us, seeing our own spiritual body real-time requires years of spiritual development or training. However, a quicker and easier way to explore it is by using an Auracam. This is a specially built device that allows us to capture and view our Aura, the energetic body that surrounds ourselves and all living things – similar in nature to the `haze` that can be sometimes seen surrounding a street light at night. The device itself is made up of a webcam, hand plate, PC and some very smart software. By better understanding the colours and energy within our Aura we can better understand our purpose and where appropriate, re-balance our life for the better.

How does it work?

The hand plate measures your electromagnetic field, based on the system of meridians that run through your hand and throughout your body, each of which corresponds to a specific organ, gland or zone of the body. The software then assigns a frequency or colour to each energy point and translates this into a real time image of your entire energetic body, your mind and your spirit.

What are the benefits?

By using an Auracam we can objectively determine whether your mind, body or spirit are out of balance, where this imbalance is and how to address it. By working with a range of tailor-made exercises, techniques and therapies you can, within a reasonably short time, regain your sense of inner balance and calm that so many of us seek in our active working lives today.

Who is it for?

A sitting with the Auracam can help in the following ways:

  • If you have a strong connection with your Spirit team, the Divine or Archangels – or a potential for the above - it will usually show up 
  • We will see how your inner tuition (intuition) works and which of your inner senses – we all have them -  guides you the most 
  • We will discover the way your ‘inner state’ - your mind, body and intuition - uniquely blend together  - more intuition, more logical and rational abilities or a balance of both will be highlighted
  • We will explore if your ‘inner state’ is in our out of balance – if it is out of balance, simple practices for bringing yourself back into balance will be shared, so that you can move back into the ‘flow’ 
  • We will explore the chakras (energy vortexes in our energy field) and explore any imbalances and suggest re-balancing techniques
  • We are usually able to see if you are doing what makes your heart sing (one of your main purposes) and if not, how to take steps towards it
  • We will identify the nature of any spiritual gifts that are present and how they may be developed further
  • We may be able to see if you are feeling blocked (e.g. feeling a little stuck) and offer hints and tips on how to become un-stuck
  • If you are able to access inner peace then this too will show up and will give an indication that you can work more closely with Spirit 
  • Any areas where healing or self-development work may be of help are highlighted
  • Any thought forms (beliefs, thoughts or feelings) that no longer serve you may be gently pointed out and ways to clear them will be shared
  • Discordant energetic cords (which can block us from moving forward/keep us locked into poor quality relationships) can usually be seen and clearing techniques will be shared
  • We may explore if you would benefit from any energy management tips and hints and where appropriate share practices that may help 
  • We may explore your point of attraction and if you are attracting the wrong people, situations/circumstances into your life, how to change it.


Please note: if any guidance is given it does not in any way take precedence over your free will. You remain in charge of your major decisions, the information given is a spiritual and energetic perspective.


Please see a sample Aura Video Reading below:



£70 private session
(For group or corporate work, please enquire by phone or email)

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