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What is it?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, through practicing a tried and trusted technique for a few minutes a day, we could build a reservoir of inner calm within ourselves, so that the next time our life becomes fraught with difficulties and stress, we can immediately call on this reserve of inner calm? Well we can. This technique is called meditation and when we practice this regularly, we are simply learning to let go of all the emotions attached to the challenges and difficulties in our daily life.

How does it work?

If, for example, we are upset , angry or frustrated with someone or a situation in our life, then as we relax our body and focus on our breath, these thoughts and feelings may well flood into our mind. By gently and firmly refocusing on our breath, this will automatically put them to one side. Where the charge attached to these feelings is particularly strong, then these emotions may come back into our mind repeatedly before they eventually dissipate. But dissipate they will.

What are the benefits?

Meditation is rapidly gaining recognition within the medical community as a powerful method for relieving stress and improving overall mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Between 2012-2016 there have been 845 medical research studies on mindfulness meditation. One showed an average 54% reduction in stress for those who meditated regularly over three months. Another showed long term meditators experienced 80% less heart disease and 50% less cancer than non-mediators.

Who is it for?

As well as significantly reducing stress and reducing some health risks, meditation can also help you:

  • Learn to rapidly physically, mentally and emotionally relax
  • Increase your levels of creativity and problem-solving
  • Connect with your intuition or inner tuition
  • Increase your ability to focus or concentrate on the task at hand
  • Reduce any insomnia and excessive mental chatter
  • Improve relationships with friends, family and colleagues


Please note that such practice can help to bring comfort and improve quality of life but is a complement, not an alternative, to conventional medical care.


Below are a few short videos about meditation:


An introduction to Meditation




Why Mindfullness is a Superpower



The Scientific Power of Meditation




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