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Mediumship - Proof of Survival


What is it?

When loved ones, family members and friends die, to many of us it seems that we will not or cannot connect with them ever again. ‘Proof of survival’ is evidence bought to you through a trained medium that your loved ones remain healthy and well in the world of Spirit.

How does it work?

Initially the medium will connect with his own Spirit Guide who will then bring forth to the medium the most appropriate friend or family member for the client. Although each sitting will vary in its detail, evidence will usually be brought through including specific details about the person, such as their character and personality, what they looked like in life, how and when they died, their relationship to the sitter (parent, brother, sister, daughter, son, etc.), what they did during their lives and some common memories with the client.

What are the benefits?

For many of us, this sense that literally our loved ones have moved beyond our reach can bring about a profound sense of loss, of loneliness and sometimes of desolation. Connecting with loved ones in Spirit is an uplifting and inspirational experience that can help us on the road to healing from our sense of loss or our bereavement.

Who is it for?

Those of us who have experienced:

  • Sudden or traumatic loss of a loved one
  • Difficulty saying goodbye to a loved one
  • Loss of a young child or friend
  • Difficulty letting go of a spouse or partner
  • A sense of emptiness or anger due to the loss of a loved one


Please note: if any guidance is given it does not in any way take precedence over your free will. You remain in charge of your major decisions, the information given is a spiritual perspective.

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