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Crystal Healing



What is it?

Crystal Healing is a technique that involves the intuitive placement of crystals on or around your body to help bring you physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness, balance and well-being. All crystals resonate energy, allowing the Crystal Healer to use them to help either release and let go of any energy that no longer serves you or draw in energy that you need. Channeling source energy through the crystals can bring faster and more sustained results at a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

How does it feel like?

Crystal Healing is given to you when you are either lying on a massage couch or laying on the floor and you remain fully clothed, with only your shoes removed. You are usually asked to close your eyes and to relax whilst your treatment is carried out. Crystals are chosen intuitively with the specific intention to provide what you need at that time. The practitioner will use either individual stones, crystal layouts or specific crystal healing techniques or a mix of all of these to tailor the treatment so that it is most appropriate for you. The session will end with the clearing, protecting and grounding of your energy field or Aura. Although it will vary from person to person, during your session you may feel nothing, or a subtle or stronger immediate awareness of changes in your physical, mental or emotional state. You may feel tingling sensations, temperature changes or even see colours or images in your mind’s eye.

What are the benefits?

Crystal Healing can help release blocked energies and restore physical, mental and emotional balance. The healing energy of the crystals always goes to wherever you need it most. Crystal Healing can help you to de-stress, take a step back from any worries and problems, and help you reframe them from a more relaxed state of mind and make any changes should you wish to make them. 

Who is it for?

Crystal Healing can help support people to:

  • Reduce stress and promote relaxation
  • Ease depression or bereavement
  • Relieve and reduce either acute or chronic pain
  • Release trauma, fear, negativity or recurrent negative thought patterns
  • Release stored memories and emotional blocks held within body tissue or mental or emotional bodies
  • Actively bring body, mind and spirit into greater balance and harmony
  • Detoxify from geopathic or electromagnetic stress
  • Open up or enhance your spiritual connections


Please note: Crystal Healing treatment can help to bring comfort and improve quality of life but is a complement, not an alternative, to conventional medical care.

Please contact us for Skype availability

£70 for one hour


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