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1:1 Mentoring Mediumship Development



What is it?

The aim of these 1 to 1 sessions are to give students the opportunity to learn through a gradual progressive way the various aspects of spiritual development leading onto evidential Mediumship and where appropriate to help such students be able to establish themselves as professional mediums.


This 1:1 mentoring course is based primarily on the teachings and techniques of Ivy Northage one of Britain’s foremost teaching mediums who empasised the need to close down and only connect up when professionally needed. The mentoring will gently take students through a step by step process that builds first on their self-awareness, introduces them to meditation practises, then opens them up to sensing using the various ‘clairs’, preparatory practices for spiritual work and then starts them on the journey to connecting to angels, guides and loved ones who have passed.


Complete beginners will not be able to say “I see dead people”, after their first 1:1 mentoring session, rather it is a process of gradual unfoldment over a period of time. If you would like to develop as a professional medium, over time you will be offered opportunities to do sample readings for others until you can do a full, professional 1 hour reading for another. You will also receive a certificate and grades (for insurance purposes) and where appropriate, an introduction to opportunities to do platform work or attend events where you can delivery paid-for mediumship sittings.


What might it include?


The role of the medium;

The healing power of a medium;

What is the process of death;

Preparatory practices;

Energy management techniques;

How to know if we are not connected or clear;

Developing our self-awareness;

The importance of meditation;

Intuitive sensing and the 'clairs';

What is sensitivity:

The connection process;

Knowing our Spirit Team;

Sample mediumship sittings for others;

Psychometry and its importance;

The importance of structure in delivery;

What amounts to evidence or 'proof of life';

The different types of evidence;

Remaining heart centred;

The practical challenges of mediumship;

The ethics and law relating to mediumship;

Deepening our mediumship skills;

Working as a professional medium;

Practical business skills needed;

NB: The Importance of Developing Energy Management Skills for Mediumship
Whilst developing as a medium, the benefits of developing energy management skills (i.e. learning to effectively protect and clear our own energy regularly with the aid of Spiritual helpers of the Light) can be very significant indeed.  With regular practice, these techniques can empower us, strengthen our intuition, increase our ability to stay heart-centred, keep our connection and energy clear and remain energised and positive during mediumship Sittings, whether we are actiing in a private or professional capacity. They also enable us as a medium to maintain our connection with spiritual helpers and deceased loved one's come forward to offer their evidence.

We offer 1:1 Skype Energy Management Mentoring and also energy management workshops at the School of Intuition and Healing in London.



Please note: if any guidance is given during a mediumship sitting it does not in any way take precedence over client's free will. Clients remain in charge of their major decisions, the information given is from a spiritual perspective.


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