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1:1 Mentoring Intuitive Development




What is it?

In these 1:1 mentoring sessions, you will learn how to link into your Spirit Guides and brings through information on what the client needs to know right now. The subject matter will vary according to the client needs but can include information on all or any area of your life, including your work, relationships, home life, health, and spiritual development. Whilst some aspects of your future may come up, this is not the main purpose of the reading.

What might it include?

Knowing ourself;

Our Sensitivity;

Opening up our sensitivity;




Creating a safe space in which to open;

Opening up to receive our intuition clearly;

What can get in the way of our intuition;

Closing down when we have finished;

Methods to focus our intent;

Making connections to our spirit team;

Giving bad news well;

Remaining heart centred;

Sample Readings;


The Student Committment


A desire to be of service
To commit to learn and practice meditation
A commitment to avoid excess alcohol
A commitment to avoid the use of recreational drugs

Sharing details of any mental or emotional health issues (in confidence)

NB: The Importance of Practicing Energy Management Skills when Developing Intuitive Reading Skills
Whilst developing as an intuitive reader whether in a private or professional capacity, the benefits of developing energy management skills (i.e. learning to effectively protect and clear our own energy regularly with the aid of Spiritual helpers of the Light) can be very significant indeed.  With regular practice, these techniques can empower us, strengthen our intuition, increase our ability to stay heart-centred, keep our connection and energy clear and remain energised and positive during Intuitive Readings.

We offer 1:1 Skype Energy Management Mentoring and also energy management workshops at the School of Intuition and Healing in London.




Please note that such crystal combinations can help to bring comfort, improve quality of life and well being but are a complement, not an alternative, to conventional medical care. The use of crystals should not replace medical treatment/advice. Always consult a doctor for medical concerns and conditions.


We have also designed a range of powerful crystal Energy Management bracelets that complement our Intuitive Development mentoring by helping ensure that you can remain clear, connected, heart-centred and empathetic.


Our full range of bracelets are available on Etsy including the Connection Enhancer and the Racing Mind Buster

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