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Spirit Release


What is it?

Spirit Release work is a compassionate, heart-centred approach to supporting lost or ‘earth bound’ spirits to move on to a place of help, healing, peace and reunion with deceased loved ones in the Spirit world. For 99.99% of people, death is a natural and healing experience where we simply step effortlessly from our physical body to our non-physical body to continue living life in a positive, joyous, non-physical world that feels as real as living in this world - but without any of the downsides. In many cases, the shift in consciousness is so effortless, that we don't know that we have 'died'!

This happened to Jonathon when he experienced a 'Near Death Experience' in 2000 when he suddenly found he was looking down on his body which was attached to a ventilator and kidney machine and the Intensive Care nurse was quietly crying by the side of his bed. Hovering above the body, Jonathon felt completely normal, feather-light, surrounded by love and realised with delight that all the symptoms of ill health had gone for the first time in 30 years! At the same time, although he knew the body on the bed was dying, he felt perfectly at peace and then saw a loved one step forward right in front of him who guided him into the light. In the light he decided to come back and was immediately returned his body.

Unfortunately, in a very small number of cases, those who die suddenly or who experience a very traumatic death can become temporarily disorientated in the immediate aftermath of death. The result is that a person (or spirit as they then are) in their confusion missies their loved one and can remain here on earth for a period of time. Their inability to communicate with the living means these ‘earth bound’ spirits are confused and fearful, often don't know they are dead and hence are reluctant to move on to the Spirit world. So, in search of the familiar and comforting presence of others, these spirits can group together or even attach to places or people. In some cases, this requires the support of a trained professional to move these spirits on.

How does it work?

Those who practice Spirit Release work are often practicing mediums – that is they have the ability to communicate with people who have died – and have also developed strong connections with 'spiritual helpers' specializing in this type of work. These 'spirit helpers' can include Archangel Michael, Azrael, Rafael, Lord Melchizadek, Jesus, Lord Ganesh and many other spiritual helpers from different cultures and faiths around the world. Often, however, the Spirit Release practitioner does much of his or her work through communicating with the earth bound spirit; helping ease any worries or fears they have; where needed, helping them resolve any ‘unfinished business’; then connecting them with a loved one who has died who in turn is usually happy to guide them to wherever appropriate in Spirit. The above approach is generally as affective when carried out distantly as when carried out locally. Another approach that can help resolve, clear or remove different types of external energies is hypnosis, where the client is relaxed into a gentle trance and channels of communication are opened to the attaching or influencing spirit and support is offered for them to move on. In this approach, 'spirit helpers' can also be involved.

What are the benefits?

There are number of 'symptoms' that clients can present with if they have an earth bound spirit influencing or attached to their energy or who are present in their house/home/office (to explore space clearing go here). The nature of these symptoms varies - often depending on the nature of the attached or influencing spirit. For example, a Benign earth bound spirit can drain our energy, prevent us from sleeping, adversely affect our thoughts and feelings, increase our desire for a variety of addictive substances or experiences. More rarely, we can also be influenced by any physical ailments they had in life. A Malign earth bound spirit may be negative and manipulative, seek to control us in a variety of ways and the symptoms tend to be more disturbing and unpleasant. They can play upon our own store of anger, anxiety, frustration or bitterness, intentionally seek to undermine our will by preventing us from sleeping, or energetically creating symptoms such as skin crawling, noises or even intimidating voices to increase our sense of fear, anxiety and hopelessness.


Much much rarer still than either of the above type of attachments is the earth bound spirit that instead of attaching to a client's energy or aura, takes possession of their physical body. Although modern films, movies and books imply this is very common the opposite is true. However, when it does present in a client, this experience can be similar to the second category above, though the 'symptoms' can sometimes be far more severe, with their nature depending on the spirit that is possessing and their intent.

Generally, once a Benign or Malign attached earth bound spirit is released and their programmes or damage to the energy bodies or chakras of the client rectified, fairly immediately, the client will feel and sleep better and many - if not all - of the psychic phenomena associated with the incident will disappear. However, if a client has experienced very negative spirit attachment symptoms for a prolonged period of time, it can take a while for the client to feel 'back to normal'. For some clients, this type of experience is a spiritual 'wakeup call' that needs more personal development work around energy management and working to develop the client's own intuition. If a client needs further support, we offer a range of workshops, online support and 1 to 1 support to help clients build the confidence and skills they need to remain energetically clear.


If a spirit presence, attachment or possession is suspected, especially where the 'symptoms' are especially negative, we would recommend visiting your GP or medical specialist first. This is because since some of the symptoms mentioned above can mirror certain mental health conditions. If no diagnosis is made, then approach a professional (such as ourselves) to discuss the specifics of your case further to see if help can be offered.


Please note that Spirit Release is a complementary therapy and should never be used as an alternative to conventional medical care. If you have a mental or physical health condition, the very first place to get help is from your GP or doctor.

For a further explanation of what Spirit Release is and how it can help, see the article by Dr Alan Sanderson.


Alternatively, if you want to learn more - and knowledge is always power in these types of situation - you might want to read an excellent book on Spirit Release by Sue Allen.


Finally, below is a brief description of Spirit Release by the same author, Sue Allen:



Alternatively, further books on the subject can be found below:


Spiritual Releasement Therapy - A Technique Manual by William J Baldwin Ph.D

The Unquiet Dead - A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession by Dr. Edith Fiore

Thirty Years Among The Dead by Carl Wickland M.D

Soul-Centered Healing - A Psychologist's Extraordinary Journey into the Realms of Sub-Personalities, Spirits and Past Lives by Thomas Zinser Ed. D

Ghosts & Earthbound Spirits: Recognise and Release the Spirits Traped in this World by Linda Williamson

Life After Life by Dr Raymond Moody

Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit by Dolores Cannon


NB: The Importance of Self Help or Developing Energy Management Skills
Even in cases of severe Spirit Release issues, the benefits of developing energy management skills (i.e. learning to effectively protect and clear our own energy regularly with the aid of Spiritual helpers of the Light) can be very significant indeed.  With regular practice, these techniques can empower us, strengthen our intuition, block the recurrence of such incidents in future and generally lead to an improvement in our overall level of well-being.

We offer 1:1 Skype Energy Management Mentoring and also energy management workshops at the School of Intuition and Healing in London.

We have also designed a range of powerful crystal Energy Management bracelets that complement our Spirit Release work by helping ensure that you can reduce your sensitivity to such expereinces, reduce the probability you will develop further spirit attachments and their fear-inducing effects and block any of their negativity


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