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Space Clearing


What is it?

Space Clearing is the practice of clearing ‘stuck’ energy from a property, house or office that is in some way affecting the inhabitants of the building. This type of ‘stuck’ energy is most often experienced in places where someone has been very sick or died, where divorce, relationship break-ups, trauma or abuse have taken place. In these circumstances, the energy of a place, home or office feels heavy, sticky or stagnant.

Historical trauma from the past can also be held within the land on which any property is built. For example, if a building is built on top of an old workhouse, prison, hospital or graveyard from ancient, medieval or modern times, then the land rather than the property may need clearing.
Although it may seem strange that a house or building can contain the residual energy of human activity, thoughts and feelings, this type of energy is automatically held within the physical and energetic fabric of a building – and also within items contained within a building. 

We can get a sense of this if we visit old houses, hospitals, battle sites or sometimes, even if we go to sleep in a well-used bed in an old hotel! If energy needs clearing, we may get a sense of something affecting the space, for example, we might feel cold, uncomfortable or ill at ease.

In addition, houses, offices and places can also be adversely affected by the activity of ‘ghosts’ or what are nowadays more commonly called Earth Bound Spirits or much more rarely, negative energies. In these cases, a Space Clearing practitioner who is also a Spirit Release Practioner can help and they are usually able to work quietly and discretely in your house or property to clear such energies without disrupting the activity of a household or office.

How does it work?

The first thing to do if you feel your space is unclear is to try out a few things yourself to see if it makes a difference - often personal spaces can be cleared through simple self-help techniques. If you prefer working with physical techniques, set an intent that you wish to clear any blocking energy from the space and take it to Spirit and try using the smoke from a sage or smudge stick, the sound of Tingsha bells, herbal essences added to water sprays (Petaltone is a good make), salt in cupcake holders, open windows etc. Pay particular attention to the corner of rooms and any rooms where the energy feels stagnant.

It is also helpful to work with energetic protection or by calling in a higher power you trust to place protection around you - imagine placing protection (a white ‘egg’ of light) around yourself. You can also try out energetic techniques to clear a space: firstly, set an intent to clear the house or space of any blocking energy and ask for the universe to take any energy to wherever appropriate in Spirit. Then visualise automatic car wash brushes, tornadoes of light or white discs of light clearing the space and taking the energetic debris to wherever appropriate in Spirit.

If this self-help approach does not work and you still feel the space is having an adverse effect on you or your family, then a space clearing practitioner can be contacted – many will work with sound, fire/smoke, salt or water, though in our own practice, we work energetically. If there are any paranormal overtones then it is best to leave this type of space clearing to an experienced Spirit Release professional.


As practicing mediums, the way we clear spaces is to connect with powerful spiritual helpers who support us in energetically clearing the space, so there will be no noise or sound when we clear a space.  If the space clearing has paranormal overtones, then as practicing mediums and Spirit Release practitioners, we will work with a range of spirit helpers (usually the Archangels and Ascended Masters from all faiths), to help any stuck spirit or other energy move onto Spirit. (See more under Spirit Release).

What are the benefits?

Generally, an effectively cleared house or property feels as though a gentle breeze is blowing through, it feels lighter and sometimes you can sense the vibration is higher. If the house was adversely affected by any paranormal activity then this will usually stop immediately after a full clearing and the house will feel more comfortable, safer and quieter. After a successful clearance, children and pets also seem to be calmer, more rested and better able to sleep.


NB: The Importance of Self Help or Developing Energy Management Skills
If we are adversely affected by the energy of a space, including that of our home or business, the benefits of developing energy management skills (i.e. learning to effectively protect and clear our own energy and space regularly with the aid of Spiritual helpers of the Light) can be very significant indeed.  With regular practice, these techniques can empower us, strengthen our intuition, block the recurrence of such incidents in future and generally lead to an improvement in our overall level of well-being.

We offer 1:1 Skype Energy Management Mentoring and also energy management workshops at the School of Intuition and Healing in London.

We have also designed a range of powerful crystal Energy Management bracelets that complement our Space Clearing activities by helping ensure that you can reduce your sensitivity to such expereinces, reduce their fear-inducing effects and block any negativity

Our full range of powerful energy management bracelets are available on Etsy including the Ghost Buster, Desensitiser, Fearbuster and the Negative Vibe Buster


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