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Clearing Psychic Attack & Curses


What is it?

Psychic Attack can be subconscious (most common) or conscious, {unintentional or intentional} and be sent from an individual or a group. The most common ‘mechanism’ of psychic attack is the focused concentration of negativity towards other people, their families or their businesses. Many of us practice the opposite of Psychic Attack regularly. For example, when we think of another person with love, positivity and encouragement, our own positive energy can usually uplift and empower them. Or if we go to a temple, church or spiritual centre and as a group, pray or send love and healing towards people who have been afflicted by a famine or natural disaster, it can help them. Likewise, the opposite can happen. However, it is important to note that the severe or very severe kind of Psychic Attack or Curse is rare, though there are cultural variations. For example, in one UK survey for Sky One as recently as 2018 ahead of the launch of the TV drama series A Discovery of Witches, of 1,500 people surveyed 13% admitted to trying to curse someone and a further 20% think a work colleague is casting spells on them! According to one source, overall in Africa, 20% believe in curses and in 5 key countries over 50% believe. Often, belief in curses alone means they can affect us.

A Curse is similar to intentional Psychic Attack and usual involves a ritual by a person or group which can add ‘power or longevity’ to their projection of negativity towards another.  Other names for this type of activity include a hex, jinx, jinn, the ‘evil eye’ or more generically, ‘black magic’. ‘Black’ in this sense refers to a person or practioner(s) who work with energy with an intent to negatively effects the well-being of others. ‘White magic’ is the exact opposite. Whether it is black of white depends on the intent. It is important to know that tackling a group of practitioners who are collectively creating and sending a Curse or intentional Psychic Attack to a person, family or business needs to be approached with caution. Anyone working to lift such group-based Curses or Psychic Attack, need to be very well protected energetically and work with powerful spiritual helpers of the Light (e.g. Source, God, Archangel Michael, Lord Ganesh, Lord Melchizadek etc..) to safely deal with them.

The full range of Psychic Attack or Curse methodologies can be illustrated by the following examples: If someone gets grumpy at their employer who has recently been very demanding, and thinks of him in a negative or angry way, the act of thinking of him in this way, will literally project negative thoughts and feelings (a ‘thought form’) from the person’s Aura towards his employer’s Aura. This is unintentionally sending negativity towards another. If done occasionally, it probably won’t have a significant effect on either party. We have all done this e.g. got angry, upset and resentful at others, so it is important to be heart-centred in diagnosing and dealing with Psychic Attack.

If, however, someone is angry and bitter towards their employer over a prolonged period of time, then that would almost certainly amount to unintentional Psychic Attack. If the same person sends negative thoughts and feelings consciously with the intent to harm his employer in some way, then this is intentional Psychic Attack.  If the person then adds in the use of a ritual to help harm their employer, then this is a curse. If the same person gets colleagues involved and collectively, they obsess about their employer in a negative way, this would amount to a group Psychic Attack. The addition of a ritual to any of the above intentional activities transform the Psychic Attack into a Curse. The alternative of course, though rarer still, is that the person hires a practitioner to do the above – and yes, sadly, this really can happen in the modern-day corporate world! This latter approach is intentional group Psychic Attack and usually a curse, since in these circumstances a ritual would almost certainly be used.

It is important to note that in all the above examples, the sender of the negativity is doing more harm to himself or herself that the recipient. For example, they might be pouring anger, frustration or hate into their own Aura which over time will attract angry, frustrating or hate filled energies and experiences into their own life. In fact, this can often cause illness or hurt to the sender. Lastly, there is the very significant and long lasting karmic or repercussion effect whereby that which we send out is returned to us by multiples.

How does it work?

Clearing a Curse or Psychic Attack from a person, family or business can involve a number of steps depending on the nature of the Curse or Psychic Attack, any associated rituals, its intent, the energetic allies involved and whether the originator is an individual, part of a group or paying others to do it on their behalf. Curses or Psychic Attack can also involve pre-life, past life, karmic, ancestral or contractual causes which may also need further investigation, clearing or dissolution.  Often, the mechanism of attack is through cords and thoughtforms. Alternatively, Curses or Psychic Attack can simply be about the recipient learning to manage and take responsibility for their own energy. For example, if a Curse is created in a past life, the individual who created it may choose to come back into the same cursed family in this life to experience it for their own learning. In many cases, there can be important learning for the recipient re Energy Management to: a) Prevent the recurrence of the Curse or Psychic Attack and/or: b) Enable the full clearing of a Curse or Contract. Therefore, often, there are two steps to the clearing process, firstly, clearing the Psychic Attack and/or Curse/ritual and secondly, supporting the recipient to bolster their own Energy Management techniques. Energy Management Techniques are our ability to learn to manage our own energy, keeping it clear, high vibration and protected.


What are the benefits?

The benefits of clearing a Curse or Psychic Attack can vary and ultimately depends on the ‘sensitivity’ of the recipient. Our level of ‘sensitivity’ determines to what degree we can sense with our non-physical senses or ‘clairs’ the effect on ourself of the energy of other people, places or external energies. Those who are very ‘sensitive’ and can strongly sense, see, feel the effect of other people’s negativity, Curses or Psychic Attack are far more likely to notice their absence after a clearing – sadly, they are also far more likely to be negatively affected by the energy of Curses and Psychic Attack too.

For example, if we assume that a recipient has constantly seen images of a perpetrator in their mind or unpleasant images linked to the psychic attack itself, then the disturbing images should reduce or stop. Those who are completely unaware of a Curse and its effect and are unable to sense the symptoms of such an attack or its effect on their life, may not notice anything at all. Whether someone will notice the removal of a curse or Psychic Attack also depends on the severity of the Curse or Psychic Attack and whether the originator is a group or individual.
Also, the ability to notice if a Curse has been lifted depends on the degree of symptoms a recipient may experience. Where there is a wide range of mental, emotional or spiritual symptoms linked to a Curse, an improvement in these symptoms can occur after a clearing. In some cases, depending on the intent, where the Psychic Attack or Curse is particularly malevolent, physical symptoms may appear – and like any other physical ailment, they can take time to heal once the Curse is released. However, any physical symptoms of any kind – regardless of its potential origin - should always be treated by a trained health professional first before referral to a healer or spiritual practitioner is considered.

For some, a one-off clearing may work well and be all that is needed. However, in severe cases, a one-off clearing may not bring instant relief and permanent resolution to all forms of Curses or Psychic Attack – especially where there is soul-based learning needed. Examples of soul-based learning may be: the deepening of one’s connection and trust of one’s intuition; the development of energy management skills; or the clearing of one’s internal negative thinking habits or patterns. In addition, if a client has been affected by other people’s negative energy or Curse or Psychic Attack for a long period of time, it can significantly undermine our own confidence in feeling safe. In extreme cases, it can make us permanently afraid, anxious and drained and especially fearful of connecting to a higher power or spiritual helper for support. In these cases, it can take time to heal and lots of self-help will be needed. 

NB: The Importance of Self Help or Developing Energy Management Skills
Even in cases of severe Psychic Attack or Curses, the benefits of developing energy management skills (i.e. learning to effectively protect and clear our own energy regularly with the aid of Spiritual helpers of the Light) can be very significant indeed.  With regular practice, these techniques can empower us, strengthen our intuition, block the recurrence of such incidents in future and generally lead to an improvement in our overall level of well-being.

We offer 1:1 Skype Energy Management Mentoring and also energy management workshops at the School of Intuition and Healing in London.

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